This is software for Windows that restricts the time and timespan of use of computers, applications, and browsers.
Prevents damage to the eyes caused by excessive exposure to computer screens. No more sitting in front of a computer all day.
If your child uses this software on their computer, please make sure that you and your child have a discussion about the "computer home rule" before using it.
It can also be used to manage the usage time of company computers. We have delivered several hundred licenses.

Pasonemu Free is free software.Some functions are limited, but there is no time limit.
Pasonemu Pro is shareware. All functions are available.

Click here for the list of supported OS, features, prices, and licenses.


The author assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any problems or damages that may occur with this software.
We may end shareware sales or make it free software without notice.
The author may provide support to users of the software. However, the author is under no duty to provide support.