04/16/2023 Ver 5.23

[Bug fixes]
- Fixed a bug that Pasonemu terminates incorrectly when displaying the app usage graph.

02/10/2023 Ver 5.22

[Specification Change]
- Added a button to open the storage location of the app usage log.
- Added powershell_ise as a target in PowerShell startup prohibition.

[Bug fixes]
- Fixed a bug that caused Pasonemu to exit when shutting down from the Start button while the lock screen was displayed.
- Fixed a bug in which a message notifying the start of the limit was not displayed.
- Fixed a bug that old app usage logs were not deleted.
- Fixed a bug that the app usage graph was not displayed.

11/19/2022 Ver 5.21

[Bug fixes]
- Fixed a bug that time zone restrictions could not be activated.

09/27/2022 Ver 5.20

[Bug fixes]
- Fixed a bug that caused Pasonemu settings to disappear after a forced power reset.

09/11/2022 Ver 5.19

[Specification Change]
- Added the ability to display a warning message when the user is a standard user.
- Command Prompt Launch Prohibit feature allows use of batch files.

[Bug fixes]
- Fixed a bug that prevented Pasonemu from starting.
- Fixed a bug that an error was displayed when starting Dashboard if the Windows time display was set to Japanese calendar.
- Fixed startup registration check process.

08/27/2022 Ver 5.18

[Specification Change]
- Added function to hide restriction items from Dashboard by setting checkboxes to intermediate state on the restriction setting screen.
- Added function to change lock screen display time.
- Support for turning on/off the restriction targets one by one with the function to protect Pasonemu from unauthorized termination.
- Added function to prohibit command prompt startup.
- Added function to prohibit Run app.
- Added function to prohibit PowerShell/WindowsTerminal.

[Bug fixes]
- Fixed a bug that Pasonemu abnormally terminates when particular characters are included in the app name in the app limit.
- Fixed a bug that language settings were not reflected when loading configuration files.
- Fixed startup registration process.

01/03/2022 Ver 5.17

[Bug fixes]
- Fixed a bug where the app would crash if the pasonemu folder was open.

01/02/2022 Ver 5.16

English version first release